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Creating Custom Content. Creating Social Media postings for you. (Sales Images, Events, Infographics, News, etc)
Growing your Audience of Targeted Followers. We get you REAL Active Targeted Followers and Likes on all the Social Media Platforms.
Social Media Ad Setup and Management. Keyword Targeted Advertisements on Facebook to increase visibility, increase website Traffic and boost posts.
Social Media Contests to increase your Social Media Engagement
Email List building & Email Newsletter Design
Monthly Analytical Insight Reports


TweetAngels was founded in 2010 by two Sales Managers working for Chase’s Marketing division in Chicago, IL. The duo became experts in marketing face to face and online while teaching other’s how to successfully turn Social Media and the internet into generous profits. Six years later and over 10,000 clients served, TweetAngels is one of the Industry leaders in Social Media Marketing. TweetAngels is led by proven Sales & Marketing leaders who built the site from the ground up with a $500 investment initially.


  • Tweet Angels is 5 Star Yelp Rated!
  • Worked with over 10,000 Clients!
  • 100% Money Back Guaranteed!
  • No Hidden Charges! No Setup Fees!
  • Been in business for 6+ Years!
  • Speedy Setup and Turnaround time!






I love this company!!! We tried quite a few companies over the years. Then I found "Tweet Angels" on Linkedin. I love the photo of the CEO with his son, so I decided to contact him to see what they had to offer. Tom was very knowledgeable and helped us get a better understanding of the world of social media. Their prices are competitive and their responsiveness is second to none! Suffice it to say, we are very happy to have Tweet Angels run the whole gamut for us. It has opened up so many different avenues we would've never thought of. A sincere thank you to the Tweet Angels team, from our team at Z.E.N. Foods!

Zen Foods

Tweet Angels is by far one of the best social media services out there. If you're looking to increase your social media presence and following I recommend their services. They follow through on everything they say they do. Hands down one of the best!


I have several blogs and use Twitter to grow the traffic to my blogs, and Tweet Angels is a magnificent way to get Twitter traffic and to increase followers. Most Tweeps don't want to follow a business with 100 or 200 followers so increasing your followers with real followers draws more followers. Tweet Angels is professional, they have a great staff who paid my business needs all the attention I could ask. I am 5000% satisfied with Tweet Angels and suggest you give them your business today.



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With an estimated 2.67 billion social network usersexpected to be online by 2018 it’s easy to see that social media is more than just a fad. Social media platforms have become the perfect place to advertise, engage, and introduce your product or services to a specific target audience. But more importantly, social media marketing helps you join in the conversation and stay connected to you followers.

The key to any successful social media management campaign is to post fresh, engaging content that will get your audience talking. However, each platform must be approached with a carefully crafted strategy specifically made for that platform. Businesses must understand their target audience and which social media channels are target rich environments.


How We Can Help

Our team can help you with all aspects of social media management like the following:

  • Creating customized content for your brand. This includes designing sales images, infographics, running contests to increase engagement, posting about your events and the latest news in your industry and more.
  • We can also help grow your audience with real and targeted followers on all of your social media platforms.
  • Our team will help you set up social media ads and manage them to target the right audience for your business, increase visibility, web traffic and boost your best performing posts.
  • On top of these social media services that we offer, we can also help you grow your client base by creating an email list and sending out monthly newsletters to your audience as well as give you monthly analytics insight reports to let you know what progress we’ve made, and how we can continue to help your business succeeed.

Below are just a few ways on how our social media strategies can be approached.

Facebook Marketing

There are more than 60 million businesses using Facebook today. Each with their own voice and target audience. Some engaging with current and prospective audiences and others merely existing without taking advantage of the multitude of people they could be interacting with.

You don’t want to be the latter.

Facebook marketing allows you to laser target existing as well as potential clients better than any other channel. Engaging content and Facebook Ads are an easy way to increase page likes and website traffic if done correctly. Knowing how often to post and what content your audience is attracted to is a skill not everyone has the patience for, luckily everyone at TweetAngels has that skill. You also have to be willing to interact with your audience in a timely manner when they comment, ask a question or send you a message.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is perfect for having 1-on-1 conversations with your audience. It can easily help your brand or business become personable in the eyes of your customers instead of just a business looking to sell. However, if Twitter for business is not done right you could find your business losing followers instead of gaining.

The goal with Twitter marketing is to present content that is intriguing, sharable and will get those conversations between you and your audience going. That way you can build new relationships with potential buyers and increase brand awareness without looking unapproachable.

LinkedIn Marketing

You may think LinkedIn marketing is only for business professionals and not their companies. Well, you’re wrong. LinkedIn is a great way to create a presence for both you and your company while building credibility. A killer company page that is detailed without being too wordy, is updated frequently and has displays a great set of individuals who work for the company is sure to get noticed.

So many individuals are turning to LinkedIn when they’re looking for a new gig. Which is why keeping up with your company profile is so important. LinkedIn allows your followers to engage with your company and in turn become brand advocates. This enhances your reputation and gets you noticed for when it’s time hire a few new team members. You can even post job openings right on your company page!

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is more than just people posting pretty pictures. It’s a chance to give your audience a look at your business through images. Having your weekly company scrabble tournament? Post a photo. People love company culture that excites and inspires them.

Using high-quality photos throughout the week with engaging, trend-worthy hashtags is the key to getting the likes, followers and views you want on Instagram. You just need the right team to get you started like us at TweetAngels.

The right content is sure to get noticed on any social media channel. Insightful, entertaining, informative posts are essential for any successful approach to social media. Without insights into what your audience is looking you can’t expect to get the results you desire. Whether it’s organic or paid advertising your focus on social media has to be your audience and what they want to see, hear, and read.

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