Monthly Reporting

In order for both you and your social media manager to know if the approach you’re taking is right one you both have to review your social media channel’s analytics. This shows you the number of impressions you got for a single

Reputation Management

Users are constantly going to social media to voice their opinions, dissatisfaction and concerns with brands and businesses. Monitoring your social media pages and other outlets like Google or Yelp for positive and negative reviews is important for your business reputation. If

Audience Engagement and Growth

Your social media manager will spend time answering questions, communicating with customer mentions and posts to page, and seek out potentials followers through keyword and hashtag searches. This all helps boost page engagement and exposes users to your voice and brand personality.  It is

Social Media Posting

Your high quality content deserves to be seen by as many people as possible which is why the right social media manager will know the right times to share your posts. They’ll also know if each post should be seen by everyone

Custom Content Development

Your content is one of the most important keys to getting followers, increasing engagement and getting your business viewed on social media. We take the time to research keywords specifically for your company that’ll draw attention, boost your SEO and increase your

Monthly Calls

To be sure that you remain happy, you will have scheduled calls with your Account Manager on a monthly basis to discuss the current results and direction of your campaign. This also gives us the time to build meaningful relationships with our

Brand Reputation and Monitoring

Many businesses fail to realize the negative effects on sales. Even worse than having negative reviews about your brand posted online is having negative reviews about your brand posted online and not responding in a timely manner. All of your brand reviews

Search Engine Advertising

Search or Display Advertising on Google, YouTube, or Bing networks puts your brand in front of current and potential customers at the exact moment they are looking for a company like yours. We take on the responsibility to do competitive and keyword

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising includes the creating, monitoring and optimizing of your social media advertising campaigns that target potential buyers to 1) connect with your brand or 2) go to your website or 3) drive sales. Social media advertising is the cheapeast form

Social Media Follower Growth

Awareness of your business is extremely important to the growth of your business. There are two ways to grow an audience: paid advertising and organic growth. We use all methods available to ensure your brand is noticed.