Carin Kilby Clark

Twitter Followers 57.3K (started at 1000)
Instagram followers 25.3K (started at 2300)

This Mom of 3, Huffington Post contributor and best-selling author turned to TweetAngels to build her following into double digits, with a minimum aim of at least 10K followers. Within 6 months TweetAngels was able to well surpass that goal at each targeted platform.

The Virginia-based blogger had been on Twitter only for about two years, bringing a relatively modest fan base with her at the time. By connecting her endeavors (including articles, appearances and books) around a social media strategy aimed at maximizing each launch, TweetAngels has steadily helped her grow her audience and her influence.

Shaping that strategy meant understanding Clark’s appeal and her demographic. The content remained true to herself and her brand, but was implemented along a dedicated timeline and strategic calendar. Analysis of her posting history helped guide efforts at fine tuning attractive content going forward.

At Instagram, some 25.3K followers connect with this “happiness coach” whose aim is helping people reduce stress, create greater balance and maintain a positive outlook. In that spirit, TweetAngels was able to grow her community considerably with a clear aim toward the end result.