Christian Tharp

Case Study

Twitter Followers 17.8K (started at 1,600)

In the nine months since money guru Christian Tharp began utilizing TweetAngels for social media management and targeted Twitter strategies, his connected reach has grown six fold.He’s now able to connect on a much broader scale, generating ongoing news and traffic for his products and site. As a certified market technician making a splash with social media,he’s been able to help more than 2,500 beginner and advanced traders and investors to take greater control of their financial futures.

Unlike many industries where a certain level of consistency is more paramount, small companies and individuals like Tharp can benefit from frequent change in social media. For instance at Tharp’s Twitter page, the background image frequently changes from week to week, sometimes day to day.

This helps breathe a bit of new life using what is often an overlooked feature of the platform.The same can also be true of Facebook cover pages, though less periodically. Twitter’s background image is much like the magazine cover that changes weekly to offer freshness and relevance, while the Facebook cover photo is the more consistent banner of a daily newspaper. As such, it only changes with big events, launches or promotions.

TweetAngels advised mixing up the content Tharp shared, going from stock-related to stock- adjacent. Rather than mostly covering the ups and downs of the market, and the popular thinking among the financial talking heads, Tharp began highlighting pieces related to how certain stocks might fair in the next quarter and beyond, as well as highlighting everyday resources useful to traders everywhere.

Content consisted of lively art and punchy headlines, but most vitally it offered workable information that could help his actual followers while also reinforcing the Tharp brand as reliable and, above all, useful.

Christian Tharp Social Media Marketing Agency - Buy Human Likes on Facebook - Tweet Angels
Christian Tharp Social Media Marketing Agency - Buy Human Likes on Facebook - Tweet Angels