Boutique In A Bag

Twitter Followers 7.5K (started at 10)
Facebook Likes 2,200 (started at 173)

Beverly Hills, CA
Assignment: Social media management for Twitter & Facebook
When this Beverly Hills-based Hand bag fashion start-up first came to TweetAngels, they had a great idea and a handful of followers on Instagram and Facebook. By focusing highly on the wants and needs of their customer base, and the type of content they most frequently respond to, TweetAngels was able to extend their reach to nearly 8,000 new Twitter followers in less than 90 days. At the same time their Facebook reach jumped 10 fold.

Content became lively, with an attitude and sense of humor befitting the brand, and an awareness of the social sensibilities shared by most of their customers. From newspaper articles on empowering women in the marketplace to tools for color-coordinating outfits with hair and make-up, @BoutiqueInABag because less of a catalogue and more of a viable resource for followers.

By recognizing that a significant amount of their customer base were also professionals themselves, they were able to effectively tap in to how those two interests can collide during the workweek. Style at work is often more vital for a women than her male counterparts, and recognizing that need helped pique interests and drive content. That’s the type of targeted strategy that separates TweetAngels from a typical social media marketing provider.