In the early days of social media, blogging used to be a mere hobby, which people used to voice their personal opinions, record their experiences, and also educate people. Over the passage of time, the boom in social networking and the increase in the number of internet users has caused blogging to evolve into more of a profession than a hobby.

Nowadays, bloggers are people who inspire millions of followers to take action, and also endorse various products and services that their followers can try. Bloggers who do the latter are called influencers, and they are paid big bucks by the brands to ‘influence’ their followers to buy their products. If you are a growing blogger, you could use some help getting up there, and you can buy active Twitter followers to increase your online engagement.

Many bloggers and influencers buy active Twitter followers, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, you always need to be careful while doing so, and here are the things you should be wary of:

Illegitimate Twitter Followers Yes, there is a thing such as ‘illegitimate Twitter followers’, and it can land you in hot water with both Twitter and the advertisers you want to capture ad campaigns from. Illegitimate or fake Twitter followers are basically ‘bots’ which are programmed to behave like normal or ‘human’ Twitter users. Normally, you would not be able to tell them apart, but the way they behave is what gives them away.

A bot would start spamming the profiles of its followers, or the accounts that it is following. Plus, if you have a handful of fake bots, you will notice no significant change in post engagements. You need to be wary of companies who are trying to pass off bots as real Twitter followers.

Followers Outside of Your Target Audience
One thing that all bloggers have to worry about is getting ‘active’ Twitter followers, and this can only be achieved by hitting the right audience. Your right audience is made up of the followers who show a likeness and interest in the niche that you promote, and also engage in Tweets and posts which are similar to the ones that you post.

Once you have determined your target audience, your work becomes quite easy. There are agencies who help you get the right kind of audience for your Twitter handle, helping you to increase your online presence.

Here are the two major red flags that you need to take care of while you buy active Twitter followers. If you play your cards right, and manage to get a good number of active Twitter followers for the right price, it will go a long way and give a great return on investment.
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