Whether you are an international business, a small start-up brand, or an influencer, your success is largely determined by your social media efforts. Social media is no longer a playground for people to find old classmates and connect with family members. Social media has flourished into a global empire where brands can market directly to users, connect with influencers, and practically any human being with a great idea and proper planning, can achieve Instagram success. Now, let us say you have a well-rounded idea or passion that you would like to pursue alongside market and share socially. This idea, other than proper planning, will have to be tested and tweaked. However, once the perfect product, service, or brand is ready to be launched, there are 5 pillars that are essential for a successful social media strategy. Avoiding or failing to complete one of these pillars can severely hurt your chances of being notice by active social media followers, companies, brands, and your targeted audience.

Creating A Winning Social Media Strategy

  1. Do Not Fail to Plan

Before you embark on an endless posting journey, it is important to ask yourself a handful of questions. These questions, when answered honestly and pondered appropriately, will develop a clear mental image as to your goal behind your idea, brand, product, or service. For inspiration and ideas, these five examples of a successful social media strategy may give you some insight.
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is your mission with this brand, idea, product, or service?
  • What do you want to evoke?
  • How many hours can you donate to communicating, contacting, and engaging with followers?
  • Will you be marketing towards targeted Instagram followers or targeted Twitter followers?
  • What length of time do you give yourself to achieve the success you desire?
  • What type of marketing avenues will you be utilizing? (email, social media, landing page, etc.)
Social media can help your business soar with proper planning and a realistic approach towards your goals.
  1. Create Social Media Content That Is Meaningful

The age of shamelessly promoting products is over! Now, more than ever there is a rise in resonating-content. This means that your targeted Instagram followers, or your twitter audience, is looking for meaningful and dedicated content. This means that proper planning of your marketing strategy is essential alongside the meat and potatoes of your brand – your content. Many people believe, “content is king.” However, content is king only when it is backed by core values and easily visible principles that correlate with the brand. This means, when creating a social media campaign, your goal is to connect emotionally with your targeted audience. With the many useful tools available today, you can develop any form of content ranging from video to music, photo, ands inspirational text in a manner that is meaningful and resonates with your audience. Think of what your target audience wants, not what you want to give them.
  1. Social Media = SEO Success

The Hashtag, one of social medias driving forces, is probably single-handedly one of the most successful tools for searching anything on any social media. Did you know you can improve your SEO with social media? There are numerous simple techniques you can utilize when posting that can enhance the ability of your content being discovered. Of course, the more people discover your content, the higher the chance some of them may convert into followers and paying customers. Reap the benefits by utilizing these simple social media marketing tricks:
  • Being active on social media
  • Continuously publish engaging content as well as share your followers’ content.
  • Include links back to your website on some posts. (Ratio: include link on every 2 to 6th)
  • Utilize the hashtag feature.
  • Use keywords during your posts.
  • Embed videos or photos on your social media posts that are linked back to your website.
  1. Automate Your Content

Marketing automating brings with it the perception of obnoxious emails and generic content. When used properly and skillfully, automation can become your best friend. This does not mean you allow your content, emails, and posts to slack, it is about skillfully planning an automated posting schedule. The many benefits of automation include saving time posting to keeping a strict schedule even when you are extremely busy. Creating automated emails and content can still generate leads if the email, content, or post is in alignment with Pillar #2: Create Content That Is Meaningful.
  1. Invest in Social Media Software

When it comes to a business, it’s important to value and savor your time. If you are spending countless hours signing-in and out of social media accounts, developing content or hashtags, and/or analyzing posts, you are wasting so much precious time. Through investing in a social media software, you receive access to high-quality tools that can do the majority of the work for you. All that is required of you is to simply sign-in, provide some simple information and all the social media tools to do their job. Not only will this alleviate posting stressors, you can use this time to then actively engage with your social media followers.

Transform Your Campaign into a Successful Social Media Strategy 

A successful social media strategy is designed to help increase your active social media following and generate quality leads and sales. Through incorporating these 5 pillars into your next social media campaign, not only will you achieve more active social media followers, your brand’s reputation will gradually begin to evolve and grow. If you are noticing that your social media campaign is still lacking, perhaps buying active social media followers can help stimulate the process!
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