As of 2018, there are only a handful of social media platforms that run the gamut as the best ones in the industry. Whether you use social media as a way to stay in contact with old friends or as a method to market your business, social media has aided industries in more ways than one. With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube at the head of the helm, there is a reason why social media marketing is known as the largest social method to market towards individuals. Now, if you are an active twitter user and your brand revolves around staying in contact with followers and tweeting newest updates, information, pictures and more, we want to share some vital information. With roughly about 330 million active users on Twitter, we want to discuss the seven different engagement techniques to increase your active twitter followers today.

Preparing To Engage

It is fully understandable to be excited about the potentiality of more active twitter followers. However, before a business or individual jumps ship, they first prepare the raft. Therefore, it is vital to be properly prepared before you begin your engagement techniques. Reason being that preparation allows for proper calculation, which will enhance the ability to reach and acquire more active twitter followers? So, what is the first step?

1.     Plan Your Techniques

The first step before you begin trying out numerous engagement techniques in your business is to get clear. Meaning, out of the techniques we will be discussing, it is important to know which ones you’ve tried and possibly did not work, or the ones your business can begin inputting today and noticing results tomorrow. It is important to try them one by one effectively and take your time. No castle was ever built in a day. Therefore, acquiring active twitter followers takes a short while with proper planning.

2.     Plan Your Posts

Twitter is heavily on content engagement. The purpose of a social media such as Twitter is to post, post post! Posting is your entryway into the lives of certain niches and groups of people. Therefore, planning your posts is important. Whether you try the logical, creative, or emotional route, all of them have the ability to work and reach more active twitter followers. However, planning what you will post days and weeks in advanced allows for proper execution.

3.     Study The Market

Studying the market is part of proper posting engagement. Studying the market includes the following:
  • Know your niche and your target audience.
  • Know what they like to read and how they react to it.
  • Know their tweeting schedule.
  • Study their engagements on Twitter.
Now that we have covered the three-step-plan to preparing your engagement strategies, here are seven engagement techniques that ensure more active twitter followers.

5 Different Engagement Techniques

These techniques are designed and mentioned as a base map for anyone wanting more active twitter followers. It is important to use these techniques properly and take your time with them. They will work if you do!
  1. Never Enough Tweets
Twitter is known as the “as much as you can” social media! Essentially, any brand or business should post as much as they can in one day without their content getting overwhelming or saturated. The purpose for this is that Twitter is much like an active conversation, if there is not enough engagement from a brands point of view, the conversation will die down. According to CoSchedule, the sweet spot for posting is between three two seven posts per day to ensure proper engagement. Normally, brands with a dedicated marketing team will post between 15 and 20 times per day. Therefore, a proper planning schedule and content strategy is important for the success of reaching more active twitter followers. NOTE: These posting numbers do not include replying and retweeting your fanbase and followers.
  1. Posting Visual Content
As times fluctuate, it is important to keep up with the latest trends. For a time memes and gifs gained traction, positive life quotes were in, and video content picked up steam. Now we can say that visual content is more appealing than written text alone. Visual content speaks louder than words, and while a Twitter user may bypass your posts while in the flow of the many other posts on their feed, visual content is a lot harder to miss, especially if it is appealing. Therefore, adding visual content to your posting schedule is important. Examples of areas where visual content is appropriate.
  • Adding visual content to quotes, sayings, or motors.
  • Adding visual content when posting a blog post or update post.
  • Adding visual content in terms of marketing a product or service.
  • Adding visual content to prove a point.
  • Adding a visual content when capturing an audience attention, whether it be emotionally, logically, or rationally.
  1. Power of Hashtags
Now, as we have come to learn from social media, hashtags are the power tool to reach an audience and make yourself known to the world. Hashtags serve as olive branches, they allow a business or brand to connect with an audience that would not find them otherwise. Therefore, it is essential to track your hashtags, their performance and keep up with the most trending hashtags. It is virtually easy to know what is trending, simply skim through the trending page and follow any thread that pops up. This will help you identify what is trending for that day. However, the most vital method to keep up with trending moments is to always make your brand a universal brand that can match the current times. Meaning, if SuperBowl2018 is trending as a popular hashtag, share your posts and visual content in a way that allows you to reach that audience, if you happen to want that niche of active Twitter followers. With that said, popular community hashtags gain a lot of attraction and allow a business to connect with an audience on a more organic level. Community hashtags include:
  • MondayMotivation
  • ThrowbackThursday
  • Humpday
  1. Don’t Just Post, Connect!
Reaching a more active Twitter following does not have to be a time-sinking activity filled with repetition. Think of Twitter as a direct line to the audience you want to reach. Therefore, the best way to hook, line, and sinker is to connect with your Twitter followers. Sure, scheduling tweets come in handy. However, to optimize engagement it is important to actively seek your niche and connect with them. Retweet their concerns, opinions, and funny content, as long as it resonates with your brand goals and purpose. Lastly, reply to their content and reply with a thoughtful response. If you are looking to connect with a brand that has active Twitter followers your brand could benefit from, it is important to appreciate their content, share their content, and reach out to them as well.
  1. Optimize Your Profile
It is really important that in process of implementing these engagement strategies, your brand’s profile looks as clean and friendly as possible. The reason being is that 15% of tweets are bots, according to CNET. Therefore, it is important that your brand appears like a real human. In addition to a properly implemented content strategy, there are numerous steps a brand can take to ensure they look friendly, clean, and approachable.
  • Clear cover photo.
  • Clear profile photo.
  • A personable about and description of your brand.
  • A link to your website or other social media.
  • Relevant keywords and location information.

Gaining More Active Twitter Followers

Gaining more active twitter followers is not as difficult as a brand or person starting out would think. It just takes time, proper execution, and knowing your audience. It is vital to not rush this process and allow these techniques to work for you. When in doubt, take time to reassess and then post. The goal here is to not saturate your audience with posts that are irrelevant. Instead, take a different approach by supplying valuable information they will enjoy, like, reply to, retweet, and most likely hit the “follow” button.
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