We are already how the power of social media is leveraged for the benefits of a brand or business. As for Instagram, many small businesses are using the platform and getting strong results in terms of traffic and conversions. This is where we start learning about the tips for using Instagram for uplifting your small business unlike ever before.

Set up the right way Connecting with your brand or company’s social accounts is a great idea, especially applicable if you already have a strong following on social media. You can tempt your followers of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., to your new Instagram profile. Never forget to add your company website, profile and description in your profile without making it too boring. By default, the user is only allowed to have a single clickable URL in his/her profile, hence, try to shorten your URL as it will eat lesser characters and make it easier to track traffic on your account.

Use Instagram stories In case you don’t know, Instagram stories allow you to merge multiple pictures and videos into a story that stays on your profile for 24 hours, just like Snapchat stories. Until now, small businesses have been reluctant in using stories as they weren’t sure on how to incorporate such social media features into their strategies. However, the potential in such features is huge, especially when it becomes one of the hottest trends in Instagram. Consider the example of Taco Bell, the brand heavily used the Instagram stories to market itself. The idea is to start trying new things and figuring out what clicks with your audience.

Examine what’s working Are you aware which kind of Instagram posts acquires the most attention and engagement? Which hashtags perform best? Brands often use Instagram reporting tool to obtain such data from a dashboard and track a campaign’s progress with time. The analytics will inform you about the type of content that plays well with the minds and needs of your audience. Let it be a certain image style, or a trending hashtag, the more you are aware of the hottest content posting trends, the better you’ll be able to resonate with your audience in your future posts

Go through the comments Yes, it might sound a bit teen stalking stuff, but you really want to know how your posts are faring about the visitors and your core audience. Unsurprisingly, many small businesses give little attention to what the comments on their posts are saying, also because it might be quite a tedious task to do in the Instagram app. Also because most companies look for publishing rather than Instagram engagement. However, in order to buy real Instagram likes for your brand, you need to read through the comments. To make the comment reading job easier, brands often use Sprout Social to reply to comments across multiple Instagram account alongside other social media profiles.

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